Electrical installations

Our engineers are certified contractors for low and medium voltage electrical and telecommunication installations, networks and systems, which, among other things, includes the following:


Equipment, materials and certificates

We install top quality equipment compliant with all technical standards and regulations, which makes our facilities meet the strictest criteria when it comes to quality and deadlines.

An integral part in the hanover of a building is certificates and the results of measuring:






AAA credit rating is the highest rating that CompanyWall awards to firms that have long and reliable business, have no blocked accounts, and settle their obligations on time. The AAA firm is a reliable business partner, which confirms that in the coming period, business risks will be avoided.
The Certificate of Excellence confirms your competitiveness, credibility and quality of business.
Execution of electrical works for domestic and foreign customers
Execution of electrical works for domestic and foreign customers
LM SVEM INŽENJERING DOO has completed all the contracted electrical works on the future main railway station: Belgrade - Center – PROKOP within the agreed deadline and in time. Phase I of the works was successfully completed and the station was officially put into operation.
In the year when it celebrates 10 years of successful business, LM SVEM INŽENJERING DOO has signed the Contract for the execution of works as the only contractor for electrical works with the company ENERGOPROJEKT OPREMA AD and started the execution of energy and low voltage works, as well as traffic signal installations on one of the biggest projects in the country at the moment – the Railway station: Belgrade - CENTER- PROKOP.


We are pleased to inform our partners and customers that according to the indicators of business success and reliability, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia has placed us in a group of companies that deserves the Excellent SME Serbia certificate.
The task of the electronic Excellent SME certificate is to help a potential customer or partner overcome any mistrust and easily recognize a trusted company when visiting the site for the first time.


We install top quality equipment with respect to all technical norms and regulations, more details...



The company is capable of responding to market challenges thanks to its staff who face them with their respective talents, skills and motivation.

Human resource management is a key area for creating a long-term competitive advantage of ,,LM SVEM INŽENJERING˝.
Knowledge is the most valuable asset in our company, and the main task of the HR (Human Resource) Department is to ensure in all, and especially key business processes, the optimal number of competent people that will make ,,LM SVEM INŽENJERING˝ competitive and keep it that way in the long run.